Come as you are – we really mean this.


I have worked in the inner-city for a number of years and I cannot tell you how many times I have picked up children for church and they told me that they could not come because they did not have “Church Clothes”. 

I believe this breaks the heart of God when people feel like they can not come to church because they do not have the “right” clothes. We need to be careful that the traditions we have in the church line up with the heart of God and are founded in His Word. Did you know “church clothes” or wearing “Sunday’s best” is not in the Bible. It is a teaching/tradition of man.

–  Pastor Chris Tress


Here’s a little snapshot of our history. Bow Down Church was born in 2009 out of Urban Youth Impact, a ministry that serves 300-400 people on a weekly basis in the Tamarind Community. Pastor Chris Tress and his wife, Colleen, have served in the inner city since 1999. They currently live in the Tamarind community with their two children, Christopher and Riley.


Bow Down is a Christ-centered, disciple making church that places a high value on teaching the Bible, building deep relationships, and being on mission with the world around us.

Our Vision is to glorify God by rearranging our lives around the person and practices of Jesus in order to become and make disciples that live in the reality of the Kingdom of God.

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