Bow Down is a Christ-centered, disciple making church that places a high value on teaching the Bible, building deep relationships, and being on mission with the world around us.

Our Vision is to glorify God by rearranging our lives around the person and practices of Jesus in order to become and make disciples that live in the reality of the Kingdom of God.

  • If intimacy with God is your highest aim, you are in the right place.
  • If you have a desire to love your neighbor and the poor as yourself, you are in the right place.
  • If Christ-likeness is your goal, you are in the right place. We want to make radical Christ followers that live their lives with reckless abandonment.
  • If you commit to train with us, we guarantee you will live and look like Christ.

A Note From Our Pastor


When looking for a church, most people ask these types of questions: 

What can this church offer me? Are the times of their services going to work for me? Are they conveniently located near me? What kind of facilities do they have? Is it up-to-date with all the latest technology? What do they offer my kids? Can the pastor preach really well? Is he gifted? Is the worship good? Does it fit my style?

None of these questions are bad in and of themselves. And one should think through these questions before joining a congregation. But the concern is, if we are not careful, we can ask these questions without even noticing that they were all about us. What’s in it for me?

The Church of Jesus Christ is the body of Christ. Every part of a healthy human body has parts that live to serve one another. When a part of the body starts living for itself, its called cancer. If you are a Christian and Christ dwells inside of you, ask yourself, “What is Christ saying?” How did He approach the church? Christ loved the church and served the church. He is committed to the beauty of the church. He laid down his life for the church and He died for the church. He calls the church His bride and He commanded us, as His bride, to join him in making her ready. So I challenge you as you look through this website, don’t look at the bride of Christ as if you are looking at a menu at a restaurant. Look through the eyes of Jesus Christ. Ask Him if He wants you here. If He doesn’t, we trust that He will lead you to another church. But if you go there, you are called to love that church, serve that church, be committed to the beauty of that church, lay down your life for that church and make that church look beautiful because she is His bride.

I had an opportunity a few years ago to visit the underground church in China. I was convicted to my core to witness the church there. The church was everything to them because they were being persecuted. The way they worshipped Jesus with passion and intensity was something I had never seen before. Jesus was everything to them because they had nothing else. They were poor, but they were far wealthier than I. I thought I was going to serve and teach them but I quickly realized why God had brought me there: He wanted to teach me about His church. I have been to many church leadership conferences in America, and I have heard what the “successful” guys have said, but the way that this church in China lived said more than anything I have ever read or heard. It was Acts Chapter 2 live and in color.

I want to share with you what one underground church leader from China shared in his book about his dealings with Americans and Westerners.

"We started to receive a small number of foreigners into our midst. We enjoyed their company and were thankful for the Bibles and materials they provided, but sometimes we struggled to host them. For example, at that time we always rose at 5 AM for our daily prayer meetings. After prayer and breakfast we would work diligently for the Lord until midnight. The Chinese house church believers loved to hear long messages from God’s Word. Many Chinese preachers could speak powerfully, without pausing, for several hours at a time. Then, after a meal break, they would continue for another several hours. This pattern continued day after day. We found that some of our foreign visitors could only speak for 45 min. before they ran out of things to say! So we asked that only those who were able to teach for at least 2 hours at a time should come to us.
– The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun pages 190-191"

I can testify to you that I personally witnessed this lifestyle while I was with them. We arrived late in the evening and the following morning I decided to sleep because I was tired from jet lag. I was awoken at 5 am by 70 people in a small room praising God with song and prayer as loud as they could. This happened every morning for the 3 days we were with them. They would pray together from 5-8 am every morning with a quick breakfast and then the conference would go from 8:30 am – 10:30 pm each day.

"In our American churches the coffee line after church is usually longer than the prayer line."

Imagine for a minute if you were from the underground church in China and you moved to America. What would you be looking for in a church? Do they have daily 5 am prayer meetings that I can join? I am used to serving Jesus diligently into the late hours of the night… are there opportunities for me to serve at this church? I want to hear powerful preaching that goes on for hours… does this church take the Word of God seriously?

If you are still reading this, and your heart is burning with the fire that says, I want that. I want to be involved in a place like that. Ask God if He wants you to come and join us. We are not at the place that the Chinese church is but we bow down, knowing God is calling us to move in that direction. We are a disciple-making church, and we want to raise up radical Christ followers that have bowed their whole life down to King Jesus.

"We want to rearrange our entire lives around the person and practices of Jesus in order to become and make disciples that will live in the reality of the kingdom of God."