God wants to see the inner city of West Palm Beach transformed. We want the kids of this community to have positive role models teaching them instead of the streets teaching them. We want the women to feel safe and cherished, We want the men to rise up and become the leaders of their own community. Change, at its core, happens through relationships. And we believe the best way to bring change to any community is to develop and grow the a Christ like community.

We are buying and renovating houses until we have a house on each street in the Tamarind Community. We currently have Indigenous leadership housing, Bow Down staff housing and Project 516 Discipleship housing. Over time, transformation at the foundational level of the neighborhood will have ripple effects into every area of the community – every business, every church, every school.

There are three ways a house becomes a Restored Home:

  1. Indigenous Leadership Housing

    • Indigenous leaders that have shown a proven track record for serving this community will be provided an opportunity to rent to own their own home, with an interest free loan from our church. It is our desire to for them broaden their influence and take ownership of their own community.

  2. Staff Housing

    • Some of our staff has to raise their own salary. Offering them a house to live in will bring down the monthly financial amount they will need to raise.

  3. Project 516 Housing

    • We currently have an internship program within our ministry. Young adults live in the community rent-free and serve the community 20 hours/week with the end goal to have an outreach in every housing project where the most at-risk youth live.